Table of Contents

As you may know, a blog is great for capturing thoughts as you go since your most recent thought is always on top. However a blog is not so good for a ride report that you may want to read in chronological order.

So in an attempt to satisfy both audiences (current and future) I am adding a table of contents. Then after you read one day's report you can come back here and find the next day easily. 

Be sure to look at the trip overview map on the tab above. You may want to open that in a separate tab in your browser and switch back and forth as you look at the days.

June 1 - The trip plan and overview
June 14 - Almost ready to go
June 16 - Here we go!
June 21 - Days 1-4 - Race to the north
June 23 - Day 5, 6 - Crossing the border into Canada!
June 24 - Day 7 - Nirvana
June 25 - Day 8 - The Alaska Highway!
June 25 - Teslin Lake detour down to Skagway, then up to Whitehorse
June 26 - Whitehorse to Dawson City
June 27 - Dawson City, YT and the Top Of The World Highway
June 28 - Taking a day off in Fairbanks
June 29 - Departing Fairbanks and Heading South
June 30 - Anchorage south to Homer
July 1 - Homer back north thru Anchorage then east to Glenallen
July 2 - Glenallen to Burwash Landing
July 3  - Burwash Landing to the BC border
July 4 - Down the Cassiar Highway to the Tatogga Lake Lodge
July 5 - Stewart BC and Hyder, AK, and the Salmon Glacier
July 6 - Arrive in Prince George, the capitol of BC
July 7 - Farewell to Sandy and riding the "Sea to Sky Highway"
July 8 - A down day at my sister's place in Vancouver, WA
July 9 -
July 10 - Vancouver, WA to Hell's Canyon Idaho
July 11 - Across Idaho the hard way to Jackson, WY
July 12 - Down day visiting in Jackson
July 13 - Jackson, WY to Montrose, CO - and a monster rain storm!
July 14 - Montrose, CO to Amarillo, TX - Lots of mountains - then west Texas!
July 15 -Amarillo to home - the final stretch - that lasted forever!