Alaska Trip - Overview Map

Here is an overview map of my entire trip route. This is captured from my SPOT GPS tracking device. The little blue flags are the "check-in" messages that I sent at the end of each day.

Note that this is a fully functional Google Map. That means you can click and drag it around and zoom in and out, and change the map type from terrain to map to satellite view.

When you zoom in closely you will notice the route is pretty jagged. This is because the SPOT sends a position update every 10 minutes. If I am traveling at 60 mph then each update is a mile apart. Also, some position updates are missed by the satellite so then it maps a 20 minute route segment - or more.

It is amazing to me to look at this and realize the entire route (with all my little detours and running around) is 11,480 miles!

This map was created using GPS Visualizer's do-it-yourself geographic utilities.

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